Updated as at 30 July 2020

1.    What is the minimum order?

        There is no minimum order. 

2.     What payment methods do you accept?

        We accept Visa and Master cards via stripe platform.

3.    What are the delivery options for local purchase?

        You can choose either self-collection at SSA Sales Centers, home delivery or international delivery. 

        For self-collection details, kindly refer to our online policy at our Esales official website at https://esales.ssabuddhist.org, under “Term” on “Delivery”.

4.     Is there a delivery charge for local delivery?

        There is a local delivery fee for purchases below $100.00. The delivery fee will range from $6.00 to $13.00.  For orders above $100, local delivery is free.      

5.    What are the international delivery options?

        For International Delivery, it is via air freight and you can select either of these 2-delivery mode, FedEx International Economy or FedEx International Priority.  The charges will  vary accordingly based on the charges imposed by Fedex.

 6.    Do I need to be at home to receive the parcels?

         Yes, someone needs to be present at home to receive the parcels.

 7.     Can I select a specific time for delivery?

         Unfortunately, you can’t. We engage a 3rd party logistic to provide the home delivery service.  It will take about 5 - 7 working days for the parcels to reach your home.

 8.     If I place my order on Saturday afternoon, can I have my order delivered on Monday?

         Our business days exclude Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.  Hence, orders received will only be processed on the next business day.

 9.      How do I cancel my order?

           You cannot cancel an order (or part of an order) once you have completed the checkout process. Hence an order can only be cancelled prior to the checkout process.

 10.     What should I do if the item received is damaged or incorrect?

            Please check all items upon receiving them.  If the items delivered are damaged or incorrect, please contact us at our esales hotline  6551 8937 (Monday – Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm) or email us at esalesenquiry@ssabuddhist.org within 3 days upon acceptance of delivery.

 11.     Can I request for a refund or replacement on the damaged or incorrect item?

             Upon receipt of the returned item, we will examine the item and advise you on your right to a replacement or refund (if any).   For more information, please visit our Return Policy at our Esales official website at https://esales.ssabuddhist.org  under “Term” on “Return”.

 12.      How to search for an item?

              There are three ways to search for an item.

               12.1     Category navigation - Use the item category located at the top of esales main page and Click on your desired category.

                                             FAQ pic 1

                                            At the next screen, you can further narrow your search by clicking under the filter header to obtain your desired item.

                      12.2     Keyword - Type a keyword to search in the search engine tool located at the top of  the page and a list of related items will be presented.

                                    Example : To search for books with the word “Buddha”,  type the word “Buddha” in the search box and click the search key.                

                                FAQ pic 2                             


                       12.3    Item code no. or item name - Enter the item code no. or item name into the search engine tool to display the item.

                                    Example :  To search for Item code no. “BKEG704300” or item name, “Quotable Gosho", type the item code no. or item name in the search box and click the search key.

                                      FAQ pic 12.3                                      


13.      I am looking for something but couldn’t find it in your website even when I used the search engines listed above.

            As our stock list is pretty extensive, we do not post everything online.  Kindly drop us an email at esalesenquiry@ssabuddhist.org on the item you are searching for so we can assist you further.

14.     I had made a mistake with my delivery address. How to change the delivery address?

           Please email us at esalesenquiry@ssabuddhist.org immediately after you have checkout your order and we might be able to assist you to amend your delivery address.  If after one business day, chances are your order might have been packed and shipped.  In that case, we will  not be able to amend your delivery address.

15.      How can I update my address?

            If you want to change your address permanently, please update it in your profile page under “My Account”.

16       Why I did not receive any hardcopy invoice together with my ordered items?

            In our effort to be more environmentally friendly, we are introducing e-invoice.  E-invoicing (also called electronic invoice) is a form of  electronic billing that is used to present and monitor transactional documents.  You may download a copy of your e-invoice via Desktop by following 3 simple steps.

            Step 1 : View Order History once you log in under Welcome, (your name).

            Step 2 : Click the Order Number you want to print

            Step 3 : Print Invoice.

17         My order has been confirmed but I received an Out of Stock email or SMS notification.    Why?

              We cannot guarantee the availability of every item published online as inventory may be updated from time to time.   In a rare case, an item may be in stock when you add to cart and sold out by the time your order is processed.  In such a circumstance, we will inform you via email or SMS notification and process the cancellation of your order, at no charge to you.

              As we are unable to replenish our stocks immediately after they are sold out, please grab them when you see them!